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Economic Quiz Model Paper – 2010

1. The first-quarter group profit of Tata Steel ending on June 30 was…
a. ` 1,625 crore
b. ` 1,725 crore
c. ` 1,825 crore
d. ` 1,925 crore
2. Name the telecom operator which has initiated the Braille Bill service in India.
a. Vodafone
b. Reliance
c. Airtel
d. Idea
3. NMDC has acquired the entire private land required for its proposed ` 15,000 crore steel plant at…
a. Jagdalpur
b. Godda
c. Dumka
d. Samastipur
4. The organization to sign an agreement with the All India Football Federation (AIFF) to support the development of India Under-16 football team is…
a. Bharti Enterprises
b. Mittal Group
c. Tata
d. Reliance ADA Group
5. Nestle will invest ` 350 crore to set up a manufacturing plant at… to produce the ‘Maggi’ range of food products.
a. Maharashtra
b. Karnataka
c. West Bengal
d. Gujarat
6. Vedanta Resources will take a majority stake of … in Cairn India.
a. $10 billion.
b. $13.3 billion.
c. $14.8 billion.
d. $17 billion.
7. NMDC and Kobe Steel have signed a contract for acquiring stake in iron ore project in …
a. New Zealand
b. Austria
c. Australia
d. New Guinea
8. Mahindra and Mahindra plans to acquire which Korean auto maker for an estimate of $400-450 million?
a. Ssangyong
b. Maruti
c. Hundai
d. Ford
9. Name India’s largest and only telecom operator offering nationwide CDMA and GSM mobile services.
a. Tata Indicom
b. Virgin mobiles
c. Vodafone
d. Reliance Communications
10. has launched an online book store at TradusBooks. in, offering book enthusiasts a wide assortment of titles, ease of shopping and free shipping of books across India. is a sister concern company of …
a. Ibibo Web Pvt Ltd
b. Yahoo
c. Times Shopping
11. German carmaker Mercedes Benz launched a new version of its E-Class sedan priced at
a. ` 63 .4 lakh
b. ` 64.5 lakh
c. ` 65 lakh
d. ` 65. 5 Lakh
12. Name the Indian software services fi rm which has won a New York court ruling to withhold taxes from a $70 million settlement payment to Britain-based Upaid Systems Ltd.
a. Mahindra Satyam
b. Infosys
c. IBM
d. HP
13. According to the Lakshmi Vilas Bank the total income of the bank for the fi rst quarter ended June 2010 has grown at 16.80 per cent to …
a. ` 174.99 crore.
b. ` 274.99 crore.
c. ` 374.99 crore.
d. ` 474.99 crore.
14. What is the amount that Supertech is planning to invest to build an integrated township on Yamuna Expressway near Greater Noida?
a. ` 1,100 crore
b. ` 1,500 crore
c. ` 1,750 crore
d. ` 2,000 crore
15. Which fi rm is Malaysia’s state investor that controls 95 per cent of Singapore hospital operator Parkway Holdings?
a. Khazanah
b. Apollo Munich
c. Max
d. Bursa Malaysia
16. In tune with its ` 1,500-crore expansion plan, JK Paper signed an agreement with IT product maker … to introduce a new range of high-end digital printing papers in India.
a. Hewitt
b. HP
c. Hewlett Packard
d. Luxar
17. What is the amount that Future Group’s unit Pantaloon Retail planning to raise from its IPO?
a. ` 600 cr
b. ` 650 cr
c. ` 700 cr
d. ` 750 cr
18. ASUS Technology is aiming to capture at least … market share in the Window mobile smart phone segment in the next two years.
a. 15 %
b. 17.5 %
c. 20 %
d. 22%
19. German engineering major, Siemens bagged an order to supply an RH vacuum degassing plant to the Rourkela Steel plant from Steel Authority of India (SAIL). The deal is worth …
a. 7.5 million euro
b. 10 million euro
c. 15 million euro
d. 17.5 million euro
20. HDFC Trustee Co Ltd acquired 2.44 per cent stake in which textiles and apparels maker company in August?
a. Raymond
b. Grasim
c. Peter England
d. Armani
21. State-owned oil fi rms incurred 4,745 crore annual losses on pre-revised rates, prompting the government to more than double the price of state administered natural gas to …
a. $3.2 per mmBtu
b. $4.2 per mmBtu
c. $5.2 per mmBtu
d. $6.2 per mmBtu
22. Lanco Infratech reported a whopping 68 per cent jump in its profi t after taxes, at ` 194.7 crore for the quarter ended June 30. The company posted a profi t after tax of …
a. ` 105.9 crore
b. ` 115.9 crore
c. ` 125.9 crore
d. ` 135.9 crore
23. How many circles have been allotted to Vodafone for 3G Mobile services?
a. 9
b. 11
c. 14
d. 17
24. Which Indian industrialist has been found guilty in the Bhopal Gas tragedy?
a. Ratan Tata
b. Keshub Mahindra
c. Dheeru Bhai Ambani
d. AAzim Premji
25. Spice Jet has been acquired by…
a. Reliance ADA Group
b. Mahindra n Mahindra
c. Sun Group
d. Larsen & Tourbo
26. Who has been appointed as the new chief fi nancial offi cer (CFO) of Colgate Palmolive?
a. Dilip Chenoy
b. Keshub Mahindra
c. Udai D. Raj
d. Pauk Alton
27. According to CSO, India’s revised GDP growth rate for the fi scal year 2009-2010 is …
a. 7.2 % to 7.4%
b. 7.4 % to 7.2%
c. 4.7 % to 2.7%
d. 2.7 % to 4.7%
28. CIL has joined hands with GAIL and RCF to set up a coal gasification project at which place?
a. Talchar in Orissa
b. Puri in Orissa
c. Cuttak in Orissa
d. Udaigiri in Orissa
29. The total income of the Unitech Group has increased by… percent during the April-June quarter.
a. 33.87 per cent
b. 43.87 per cent
c. 53.87 per cent
d. 63.87 per cent
30. The Tata Group has become the country’s wealthiest group, with a market value of about…
a. ` 3,00,000 crore
b. ` 3,21,000 crore
c. ` 3,71,000 crore
d. ` 3,95,000 crore
31. Jos Alukkas, a leading gold and diamond trader in the country, registered a total business turnover of … in 2010-2011.
a. ` 550 crore
b. ` 820 crore
c. ` 1020 crore
d. ` 1120 crore
32. Engineering fi rm Era Infra has bagged a highway project that involves four laning of a road stretch from Muzaffarnagar in UP to Haridwar in Uttrakhand. The worth of the project is…
a. ` 1,000 crore
b. ` 1,010 crore
c. ` 1,100 crore
d. ` 1,110 crore
33. During the 2009 – 2010 fi scal, India’s cement export declined by 29 per cent to …
a. 2 million tonnes
b. 2. 10 million tonnes
c. 2. 27 million tonnes
d. 2. 50 million tones
34. By which date has would India temporarily shut down BlackBerry services if New Delhi’s concerns about security are not addressed?
a. 31st August
b. 15th September
c. 30th September
d. 1st October
35. The net profi t of Bosch Ltd at the quarter ended on June 30, 2010 is…
a. ` 18.82 crore
b. ` 20.97 crore
c. ` 22. 82 crore
d. ` 26 .97 crore
36. Niraj Cement Structurals signed a contract with the Public Works Department of Bastar Circle, Jagdalpur. The worth of the deal is…
a. ` 71.27 crore
b. ` 71. 72 crore
c. ` 72. 17 crore
d. ` 72. 71 crore
37. Areva T&D India has signed a contract worth ` 110 crore with Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd to set up a 765 KV extra high voltage sub-station at …
a. Sasaram, Bihar
b. Vaishali, Bihar
c. Rajgir, Bihar
d. Gaya, Bihar
38. AstraZeneca Plc will pay $198 million to settle claims against its anti psychotic drug…
a. Seroquel
b. Olanzapine
c. Clozapine
d. Loxitane
39. Who has been appointed as the director on Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Asia-Pacifi c board?
a. Shivani Lal
b. Deepali Pruthi
c. Vikas Puniya
d. Naina Lal Kidwai
40. The total number of registered subscribers at Tata Teleservices Ltd by the end of July 2010 was …
a. 71 million
b. 73 million
c. 75 million
d. 79 million
41. Name the organisation that has received an order for 1,000 buses, worth around $26 million from the People’s Leasing Company in Sri Lanka.
a. Honda
b. Ashok Leyland
c. Tata Motors
d. Bajaj
42. BHEL signed a contract worth 2,525 crore with Abhijeet Infra for setting up a 1,080 MW thermal power plant in which state?
a. Jharkhand
b. Uttaranchal
c. Bihar
d. Chhattisgarh
43. Who has been appointed as the Offi cer Employee Director on the Board of Directors of Andhra Bank?
a. Vir Sanghvi
b. N Rajagopal Reddy
c. Rajeev Ranjan
d. Narayan Murthy
44. Indiabulls Real Estate bought the National Textile Corporation’s 8.3 acres of prime mill land in Mumbai for…
a. ` 1,405 crore
b. ` 1,055 crore
c. ` 1,505 crore
d. ` 1,005 crore
45. The local car sales in India rose to an annual percent of … as on July 2010.
a. 38%
b. 36%
c. 35%
d. 32%
46. Vascon Engineers has acquired 90 per cent of equity shares of GMP Technical Solutions Pvt Ltd worth how much?
a. 62.62 crore
b. 62.63 crore
c. 63.62 crore
d. 63.63 crore
47. Name the mobile application store which will be offering Reliance Communications its extensive catalog of over 65,000 free mobile applications.
a. Navteq
b. GetJar
c. BlackBerry
d. Google
48. The new poverty Index introduced by UNDP is …
a. Multi Dimensional Poverty Index
b. Human Poverty Index
c. BPL Index
d. Social Poverty index
49. The symbol of Indian rupee has been designed by whom?
a. Dewang Patel
b. Harsha Madiraju
c. Venkat Raman Kumar
d. D.Udai Kumar
50. Which sector amongst the following contributes the maximum to India’s GDP?
a. Shipping
b. Services
c. Mining
d. Manufacturing


1. c. Rs 1,825 crore
2. b. Reliance
3. a. Jagdalpur
4. a. Bharti Enterprises
5. b. Karnataka
6. a. $10 billion.
7. c. Australia
8. a. Ssangyong
9. d. Reliance Communications
10. a. Ibibo Web Pvt Ltd
11. b. Rs 64.5 lakh
12. a. Mahindra Satyam
13. b. Rs 274.99 crore
14. d. Rs 2,000 crore
15. a. Khazanah
16. c. Hewlett Packard
17. d. Rs 750 cr
18. c. 20%
19. b. 10-million euro
20. a. Raymond
21. b. $4.2 per mmBtu
22. b. Rs 115.9 crore
23. a. 9
24. b. Keshub Mahindra
25. c. Sun Group
26. d. Pauk Alton
27. a. 7.2 % to 7.4%
28. a. Talchar in Orissa
29. c. 53.87 per cent
30. c. Rs 3,71,000 crore
31. b. Rs 820 crore
32. c. Rs 1,100 crore
33. c. 2. 27 million tonnes
34. a. 31st August
35. b. Rs 20.97 crore
36. a. Rs 71.27 crore
37. a. Sasaram, Bihar
38. b. Seroquel
39. d. Naina Lal Kidwai
40. c. 75 million
41. b. Ashok Leylanda
42. a. Jharkhand
43. b. N Rajagopal Reddy
44. c. Rs 1,505 crore
45. a. 38%
46. b. Rs 62.63 crore
47. b. GetJar
48. a. Multi Dimensional Poverty Index
49. d. Udai Kumar
50. b. Services

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