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Objective GK

1.  The Gross Non-performing Assets (NPA) of Public Sector Banks (PSBs) for the
     period ending March, 2011 stood at
     a) Rs. 71,047 crore
     b) Rs. 74,617 crore.
     c) Rs. 71,525 crore
     d) Rs. 74,163 crore
     e) None of these
2.  According to the Reserve Bank of India data as of March 31, 2011, the total numbers
     of commercial bank branches in the country were
     a) 87,695
     b) 89,845
     c) 87,295
     e) None of these
3.  As per the latest available State/UT-wise data on annual per capita consumption of
     electricity, which of the following State/UTs has the highest per capita electricity
     consumption in the country?

     a) Delhi
     b) Maharashtra
     c) Chandigarh
     d) Madhya Pradesh
Dadra & Nagar Haveli
4.  In a bid to give more empowerment to SHGs, which of the following state government
     has launched Suno Bhauni ( Listen Sister) campaign in all 47000 villages?
     a) Gujarat
     c) Rajasthan  
     d) Uttar Pradesh
     e) Madhya Pradesh
5.  To restore confidence of the people about the government, ‘Operation Viswas’ a joint
     operation against the Naxalites has been launched by the security forces of
     a) Bihar, U.P and Jharkhand
     b) Bihar, Assam and Jharkhand
     c) Bihar, West Bengal and Assam
     d) Assam, Jharkhand, West Bengal
     e) None of the above
6.  Which of the following movies has won the Palme d’ Or at the 64th Cannes Film
     Festival this year?
     a) The Skin I Live In
     b) The King’s Speech
The Tree of Life
     d) The Social Network
     e) Melancholia
7.  Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Programme will
     improve incomes and reduce poverty in coastal communities of
     a) Gujarat
     b) Karanatka
     c) Maharashtra
Both (b) & (c)
     e) All (a), (b) & (c)
8.  West Bengal Cabinet Committee has passed a resolution on 19th August to change
     the name of the state from ‘West Bengal’ to
     a) Banga
Paschim Banga
     c) Bangabhumi
     d) West Bangla
     e) None of the above
9.  Who among the following sportsperson has been chosen for the prestigious Rajiv
     Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2010?
     a) Jawala Gutta
     b) Somdev Burman
     c) Zaheer Khan
     d) Krishna Poonia
Gagan Narang
10. Which of the following campaign is NOT launched by Government of India?
Bachpan Bachao Andolan
      b) Sarva Siksha Abhiyan
      c) Total Sanitation Campaign
      d) Haathi Mere Saathi
      e) None of the above
11. The ‘Coal India Ltd.’ in present, has become -
      a) the 3rd Maharatna Company
the 5th Maharatna Company
      c) the 20th Navratna Company
      d) the 22nd Navratna Company
      e) None of the above
12. S. L. Bhyrappa who has been honoured with Saraswati Sam-man this year is
      a) Tamil Writer
      b) Telgu Writer
      c) Malyalam Writer
Kannada Writer
      e) None of the above
13. What is the full form of FIPB?  
      a) Foreign Investment Promotion Board
      b) Final Investment Planning Board      c) Foreign Investment Planning Board
      d) Foreign Investment Promotion Bureau
      e) None of the above
14. The largest source of revenue in India is
      a) railways
      b) sales tax
      c) direct tax
excise duty
      e) None of the above
15. The Governor of Reserve Bank of India holds office for a period of
      a) 2 years
      b) 3 years
      c) 4 years
      d) 6 years
None of the above
16.  According to the latest data released by  the National Sample Survey Organisation
     (NSSO), how many number of persons out of a labour force of 1000 are unemployed
     in India in 2009-10?
     a) 25
     c) 15
     d) 30
     e) 35
17.  The Per Capita Income at the national level in year 2010-11 stands at
     a) Rs. 54,835
     b) Rs. 24,143
     c) Rs. 36,343
     d) Rs. 42,445
     e) None of the above
18.  During the fourth quarter  of 2010-11 (Jan-March 2011), India’s economic growth fell
     down to
     a) 8.0 per cent
     b) 8.2 per cent
     c) 8.5 per cent
7.8 per cent
     e) None of these
19.  Shyamala Gopinath Committee constituted by the Ministry of Finance for reviewing
     National Small savings Fund has submitted its report to Finance Minister Mr. Pranab
     Mukherjee on June  7,  2011.Which of the following recommendations is NOT true in
     this context?

     A) Interest rate on post office savings account should be raised from 3.5 to 4.0%
     B) Kisan Vikas Patra Scheme should be closed down
     C) Maturity period of Post Office Monthly Income Scheme and National Savings
          Certificate should be reduced from 6 to 4 years
     a) Only (A)     b) only (B)        c) Only (C)       d) Both (B) & (C)        e) Both (A) & (B)
20.  Which of the following countries government’s long-term sovereign credit rating has
     downgraded from ‘AAA’ to ‘AA+’ by credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s?
  a) USA
     b) Singapore
     c) Canada
     d) Britain
     e) France
21.  According to the new rules for mergers and acqui-sitions of companies, released by
     Competition Commission of India (CCI), a deal of M&As must be cleared / approved
     within the maximum period of
     a) 30 days
     b) 90 days
180 days
     d) 210 days
     e) None of the above
22.  Which of the following companies has become the largest private sector thermal
     power producer in India?
     a) Tata Power Company Ltd.
Adani Power Ltd
     c) Reliance Power Ltd.
     d) Avantha Power & Infrastructure Ltd.
     e) None of the above
23.  Which of the following Indian Navy Warship has been commissioned recently?
     a) INS Viraat
     b) INS Kalpeni
     c) INS Prahar
     d) INS Vikrant
INS Kabra
24.  The Century’s longest and darkest total lunar eclipse occurred on
     a) June 10, 2011
     b) June 14, 2011
June 16, 2011
     d) June 22, 2011
     e) None of the above
25. To unravel the mysteries surrounding the nature of normal and dark matter in the
      universe, India is getting ready to set up a Gamma Ray Telescope at which of the
      following locations?
      a) Hanle (Leh)
      b) Gya (Ladakh)
      c) Saluni (Chamba)
      d) Kharu (Leh)
      e) Sankoo(Kargil)
26. Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) is located at which of following
      a) Gangtok
      b) Kolkata
      d) Hyderabad
      e) Bhubaneswar
27. As per SEBI regulations an FII can not invest more than ________of total issued
      capital of an Indian company.
      a) 5 per cent
10 per cent
      c) 15 per cent
      d) 20 per cent
      e) 51 per cent
28. In case of international market the funds are raised through
      a) ADR
      b) GDR
      c) FCCB
      d) QIP
All the above
29. FDI is NOT prohibited in which of the following sectors/business in India?
      b) Lottery business
      c) Atomic energy
      d) Manufacture of cigars/tobacco
      e) None of these
30. A company can raise fund through a/an
      A) IPO
      B) FPO
      C) Debenture
      a) Only (A)b) Only (B)      c) Only (C)      d) Both (A) & (B)      e) All (A), ((B) & (C)

31.  The Committee of Secretaries has recommended that 51 per cent foreign direct
      investment (FDI) be allowed in the multi-brand retail sector provided the investment
      is not less that than
      a) $ 100 million
      b) $ 200 million
      c) $ 250 million
      d) $ 500 million
      e) None of the above
32.  At present, how much percent of foreign direct investment (FDI) is allowed in single
     brand retail sector?
     a) 49 per cent
     b) 50 per cent
51 per cent
     d) 74 per cent
     e) None of these
33.  In 2010-11 crop year , India registered a record output of foodgrains (in million
     tonnes) at
a) 223.25
     c) 252.36
     d) 265.56
     e) None of the above
34.  The United States derivative contracts in which Indian investors will be able to
     trade at the National Stock Exchange from 29 Aug 2011
     a) S&P 500
     b) NASDAQ
     c) Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)
Both (a) & (c)
     e) All the above
35.  With which among the following countries India has NOT signed a bilateral
     Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA)?
     a) Japan
     b) Malaysia
     c) Singapore
     d) South Korea
South Africa
36.  World Bank has announced to give loan of Rs 2,900 crore for Vishnugad Pipalkoti
     Hydro Electric power project to be set up in
     a) Orissa
     b) Bihar
     d) Jharkhand
     e) Karanatka
37.  According to a latest study led by World Health Organisation (WHO), which of
     the following countries has highest number of new born deaths (deaths in the first
     four weeks of life)?
     a) Congo
     c) China
     d) Nigeria
     e) Pakistan
38.  With which among the following countries India has signed Double Tax Avoidance
     Agreement in August 2011?

     a) Japan
     b) Switzerland
     c) South Africa
     d) Nigeria
39.  Which of the following states is NOT covered under the National Rural Livelihoods
     Mission (NRLM), which aims to reduce poverty among rural BPL families by
     promoting self-employmen
     a) Maharashtra
     b) Uttar Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh
     d) Madhya Pradesh
     e) Rajasthan
40. Baburam Bhattarai has been sworn-in as new Prime Minister of 
      b) Bhutan
      c) Indonesia
      d) Myanmar
      e) None of these
41. What is the name of co-founder and chairman of Apple Inc. who announced his
       resignation in Aug 2011?

      a) Carol Bartz
Steve Jobs
      c) Steve Ballmer
      d) Eric Schmidt
      e) None of these
42. The Madhya Pradesh government is celebrating 2011-12 as the
      a) Year of Forestry
      b) Year of the Tiger
Year of Immunisation
      d) Year Of Safe Motherhood
      e)  None of the above
43. The second term of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who has been re-elected
      on June 21, 2011 will begins from
      a) October 25, 2011
      b) December 1, 2011
      c) April 1, 2012
January 1, 2012
      e) None of these
44. On June 19, 2011, former National Champion Chetan Anand won the Men’s
      Single title of
      a) Maldives Badminton Challenge
Mauritius Open Badminton Championship 
      c) Singapore Open Badminton Championship
      d) Indonesian Open Super Series
      e) None of the above
45. Who has been appointed as new Chief of Antrix Corporation Limited, a commercial
      wing of ISRO?           

V. S. Hegde    
      b) Pradeep Kumar
      c) N.A.K. Browne
      d) Pratip Chaudhuri
      e)  R.K. Upadhyay
46. ‘Oslo’ which recently came into news for shooting/bomb attack is the capital of 
      a) Libya
      b) Egypt
      c) Yemen
      d) Austria
47. India Index Services & Products Limited (IISL) is a joint venture between two
      a) NSE and CRISIL Ltd.
      b) NSE and ICRA Ltd.
      c) BSE and CARE Ltd.
      d) BSE and CRISIL Ltd.
      e) None of these
48. Corporates and financial institutions use derivatives to protect themselves against
      changes in
      a) interest rates
      b) exchange rates
      c) raw material prices
      d) Both (a) & (b)
All (a), (b) & (c)
49. A contract between a buyer and a seller entered into today regarding a transaction
      to be fulfilled at a future point in time is called
      a) Fixed contract
Derivative contract
      c) Forward contract
      d) Future contract
      e) None of the above
50. Over the life of the derivative contract, the value of the derivative
      a) decreases
      b) increases
      c) remains fixed
fluctuates with the price of the so-called “underlying” of the contract
      e) None of these

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